Sarah King sings blues, alternative, and rock music, all delivered with a side of Southern soul. Taking the stage with only an acoustic guitar, she captivates audiences with her haunting melodies, confident stage presence, and thought-provoking lyrics. 

After spending most of 2017 living in a tent (on purpose) and traveling across the US and Europe without a guitar, Sarah King is back to making music in her new state of Vermont. It’s been a long journey home to New England for the Maine-born musician who spent the last decade divided between the Deep South and the outskirts of New York City. 

The South gave her a slight Southern drawl and a fascination with old school blues, folk, and soul. Sarah also fronted hard rock band Ophir Drive and toured around the southeast, averaging over 150 shows per year, during her time below the Mason Dixon line. New York City brought gigs in high places – including CBGBs, The Knitting Factory, and Billboard magazine HQ – and a gnawing desire to put down roots somewhere the trees are taller than the buildings. 

It’s been over seven years since her last album and her forthcoming record deftly combines rock and roll with bluesy soul. Sarah’s versatile vocals alternate between soothing and commanding, “tricking the listener into thinking and feeling after being drawn in on the surface by hummable, radio-ready hooks” - Gary Trust, Billboard Magazine. 

Sarah also teaches guitar and piano lessons in Addison County, VT.

Arielle Loves Photography 2018

Arielle Loves Photography 2018