"Oh Mama" featured on County Tracks

I was driving to a show in Massachusetts last week when an email came through from County Tracks, "a blog dedicated to spreading the best new music from Vermont to the wider world beyond. Founded in 2017 and run by Ray Padgett, who began it as a VT expat following the local music scene remotely and in 2019 moved back to Burlington." I'd sent over a link to What Happened Last Night right after we released it, and had been hoping he liked what he heard.  

I had to pull over when I saw he'd included "Oh Mama" in a roundup of the Best New Songs in September/October 2019! I love hearing what others think of the record and which songs stand out to them - especially if they don't know the story behind the songs (and there are PLENTY of stories). Says Padgett, "the most impressive song strips the sound down to barely more than her voice. “Oh Mama” starts as more or less a folk song [...] as on many other blues ballads, the star remains the vocals." 

Thanks for the feature, Ray! 

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