What Happened Last Night

My new record will be released this fall! Recorded in Columbus, GA, with my former band mates, this album is a mix of blues, R&B, funk, rock, and soul, and we are so excited to share it with you! Pre-order the record - or a variety of other rewards - below to help me fund the project!

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What Happened Last Night

Sarah King

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Full-length (11 tracks) blues, rock, and soul album from Sarah King & The Guilty Henchmen, recorded at Spinnaker Studios in Columbus, GA, in 2019.

Expected release: October 5, 2019

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Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated and go directly to bringing more music to you, in the form of physical CDs, music videos, and promotional expenses. THANK YOU!

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1 hour music lesson
  • 1 hour music lesson
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One Hour Music Lesson: You'll (or the lucky recipient of your choosing) get an hour-long music lesson with me - either in person or online via Skype/Facetime if you're far away - on either guitar, piano, or vocals. Whether you're just starting out and have no clue how to begin or you'd like to brush up on some specific skills, I'm a patient and fun teacher (with reviews to prove it!) and I'd be happy to share my love of music with you! Don't need a lesson? We'll do an hour-long phone call/interview. Also includes a digital download once the album is complete.

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Video Song Request
  • Video Song Request
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Video Song Request: I'll perform the song of your choice (original or cover) and upload to YouTube with a personal thank you message! Also includes a digital download of the album.

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Hike & Beer Tasting with Sarah
  • Hike & Beer Tasting with Sarah
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Day Hike with Sarah: We'll spend the day hiking one or more of your favorite spots, at YOUR pace, and hit up a local brewery after! We can either visit an area you've never been, or take a walk down a familiar path. Limited to hikes within 100 miles from Ripton, VT (including the Adirondacks!). We will choose the day together based on weather and availability. Includes a digital download of the album when available.

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House Concert
  • House Concert
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House Concert anywhere in the world: I will come to your location - anywhere in the world, travel expenses TBD - and play a 2 hour house concert for you and your friends! Travel dates & costs as well as set list to be determined together. Includes signed copies of the album & a handwritten thank you note!

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Didn't you just have a Kickstarter for this record?

Yep, and I set a high goal that we didn't quite reach. Since Kickstarter is all or nothing, everyone who contributed did not lose any money, but none of us get anything (I get no funding, no backers receive any rewards). That means I'm still seeking support to help with the costs of recording, production, duplication, and merchandise. Now that the recording is done and I know what it sounds like, I'll be sharing snippets as we finalize everything for sale. 

Serendipitously, my website hosting company released a new crowdfunding feature about halfway through my Kickstarter campaign. Within this new platform, all pledges are processed immediately and will go directly toward the record, and NO FEES are charged - a definite plus that helps every dollar of support go directly to supporting my music. 

What do I get for supporting the record?

I'm offering rewards quite similar to my Kickstarter rewards, with additional bonuses. For example, I can now offer a day of hiking and beer tasting, or visiting a winery. You choose the level of support and the corresponding rewards. Many rewards are focused on the music - album pre-orders or downloads - and I'm still offering the option of a house concert! You can choose what you'd like to give and what you'd like in return (if anything).

What's this "Donation" button?

It's like a virtual tip jar. Feel like sending a few bucks my way some random day and don't need anything in return? Awesome! Want to become a "sustaining member" and send me some money on a regular schedule to ensure I can continue making music? Use the donation button. And thank you!