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"The Longest Night" release day roundup

The Summer Sounds of Sarah King

King’s powerhouse vocals, backed by a four-piece band, were the undisputed star of the evening. The audience was sprawled on camping chairs and blankets across the yard, stretching from the red barn porch all the way back to the leafy…

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Devil's Try in Revista Arte Brasileira

Somos uma revista de arte nacional, sim! No entanto, em respeito à inúmeras e valiosas sugestões que recebemos de artistas de diversas partes do mundo, criamos uma playlist chamada “Além da BR”. 

Como uma forma de estende-la, nasceu essa publicação…

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Always An Almost A/B press & playlist roundup

You Were Wrong About Me has been added to the following playlists:


Last Day Deaf:

Revista Arte Brasileira:

Always An Almost is featured in the following outlets:



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Interview with Authority Magazine

If you miss a big chance, it’s not over. Second chances have truly saved my career, now that I’ve had some life experience and am much better at advocating for myself and knowing what I need/want from my life. Younger…

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"Both tunes fit right in with King's hard-edged, rock-leaning Americana sound, full of rural, gothic scenes and her evocative, powerful set of vocal pipes." - Seven Days