Standing up to the devil: Sarah King arrives with powerhouse debut album amid continued adversity” - Rutland Herald 

"['WHEN IT ALL GOES DOWN'] should not be ignored. King’s sound is an airtight but organic fusion of rock and blues with a splash of country. It’s hard to say if her songwriting or voice is more impressive. In the end, it may be a tie." - American Songwriter

Brooklyn Vegan Honorable Mention - Album of the Week 3/29/2024

“Fiery, vulnerable songs informed by heartbreak and whiskey alike” - Relix Magazine

"Merciless...she sings with a venomous tongue” - American Songwriter 

"King’s powerful voice is uniquely suited for American and blues, a force of nature that conveys big emotions amidst rock-steady arrangements." - Rainbow Rodeo

"King combines rock and blues with equal authenticity" - Rock and Blues Muse

“A declaration of empowerment… with a wild, unbridled attitude” - Americana UK

"King entices and mesmerizes, freezing you in your tracks, and you won’t be able to escape." - B-Sides & Badlands

"Combining the power and emotional depth of Bessie Smith and Etta James with the gritty realism of Janiva Magness and KT Tunstall, adding just a touch of ethereal with a Kate Bush tremolo, Sarah King’s voice is instantly captivating and compelling." - The Alternate Root

“King’s fiery, bluesy interpretations of country and Americana are hard-hitting and sultry” - Rainbow Rodeo

"Across each resonant track on When It All Goes Down, King stuns with her vocal abilities and hones her own brand of "gothic Americana." She blends rock, folk, blues, country and southern soul" - Seven Days

"Her voice is as smooth as Chris Stapleton, as wildly raucous as Marcus King, yet she truly shines in her songwriting." - GRRRL MUSIC

"simply outstanding for a debut album" - The Rocking Magpie

"Atmospheric and haunted folk...with touches of soul and gospel” - County Tracks 

"Powerful blend of country storytelling and just a dash or two of Zeppelin inspired rock." - Americana UK

“A haunting tale with slow-burning Americana Noir sound” - Glide Magazine

"A folk-infused gem that captivates with its storytelling and melodic richness"- Glasse Factory

"A splendid, soulful voyage to the darkest corners of Americana"  - New York State Music

“Hard-hitting soul drenched Americana” - Lonesome Highway

"A sublime Americana ballad, where King's vocals, deeply emotional and powerful, reign supreme" - MUSICNGEAR

"Hard-edged, rock-leaning Americana sound, full of rural, gothic scenes and her evocative, powerful set of vocal pipes." - Seven Days