"“Blame It On The Booze,” should be on everyone’s radar, as it bundles together haunting vocals, catchy lyrics, and a dynamic melody. " - Glasse Factory

“Blame It On The Booze” tells the dark but realistic story of falling into a toxic relationship and the effects it can have on the victim. Despite the song’s dark themes, the instrumental’s tempo keeps “Blame It On The Booze” from feeling too heavy. There is also a moment later in the song when Sarah sings an offering to help, “I can come and help you/ If you just give me a shout.” “Blame It On The Booze” contains many lyrics that are not only catchy but also poetic and meaningful. 

Read the full review here: https://glassefactory.com/the-danger-of-toxic-relationships-is-explored-in-sarah-kings-newest-single-blame-it-on-the-booze/

Americana musician Sarah King with inflatable furniture

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