"Strutting her crème de la crème voice, with “Always an Almost” and “You Were Wrong About Me,” Sarah King delivers the goods." - Guitar Girl Magazine

Speaking about the new release, King says, “‘Always An Almost’ and ‘You Were Wrong About Me’’ both reflect on past situations where I felt like I missed something but realize now it’s better it didn’t work out the way I thought it should. So many times, in our lives we’re hurt or frustrated by things not going the way we want, and I think we can all relate to those moments. Whether you’re looking back and realizing you were totally strong enough to leave something that wasn’t working, or you’re looking back saying ‘I told you so!’ to someone who didn’t believe in you, these songs are here for you.” 

Read the full review here: https://guitargirlmag.com/featured/sarah-king-releases-double-sided-single-always-an-almost-and-you-were-wrong-about-me/

Americana musician Sarah King in garden

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